By Manny Randhawa, Special to

Manny poses questions to Jose Reyes following the DR’s WBC victory in San Francisco (Photo: MLB Advanced Media)

(Below is an excerpt; click “Read More” link to see full article at

SAN FRANCISCO — After smashing the third pitch of the game high off the right-field wall and flying into second base with a head-first slide, Jose Reyes leapt to his feet and pumped his arms in the air. The shortstop from the Dominican Republic was signaling his unbridled excitement to teammates in the home dugout, who reciprocated joyously.

Though he had hit doubles deep to right before — many times — this instant was different, as was his reaction.

That’s because this was no ordinary game. And what the rest of the world didn’t know was who Reyes saw when he looked into the dugout.     | Read More

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