By Manny Randhawa /

DENVER — One of the major questions facing the Rockies in 2019 is: Will the real Trevor Story please stand up?

Following a historic beginning to his career, featuring six home runs in his first four games, the shortstop put together a strong rookie campaign, albeit cut short by injury. He regressed in his sophomore year, posting an 84 OPS+ and striking out a league-leading 191 times. Story bounced back with a strong second half last season, garnering some National League MVP consideration.

As he enters 2019, Story is on a mission: to make certain the ’17 version of himself never returns.

“It’s just a different mindset that I took from [’17] and it paid off for me,” Story said. “It’s kind of almost a reset every day. Not letting things build up on each other, whether it’s good or bad. Just move on to the next thing. It’s really to have an intent with everything I do.”

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